Growing a Pair

I often take for granted how planes expanded our travel boundaries and with that our minds. To be able to see the different parts of the world within 24hrs is nothing short of a miracle. But it definitely works against you when your are forced to leave someone you love and head back half way around the world. The distance really puts it all into perspective of how little you can do to help, change or affect another persons life. My first career path that I chose as a child, to become a pilot. 10 years down the line, I decide I won’t have it as a career. As fun as it can be to travel constantly to different parts of the world, and operate one of the coolest machines created over the last century, it isn’t for me. To leave your loved ones for long periods of time, I cannot do. I would of probably have become a great pilot, and truth be told, I will one day still pursue my dream. But not as a career, more of a hobby. The risk and responsibility one takes upon himself is too great, I wasn’t ready for it. One slight mistake and lives vanish. There are many professions that have hundreds sometimes thousands of peoples lives on the line, and as I stand today, I am not able to take that upon myself… just yet… But i’d just like to say RESPECT to those professionals who do, and have the balls, patience and self discipline to accomplish those goals. Because of people like them, society is able to move forward.


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