Pause It If

I find myself forcing positive thoughts.

But the other kind crawl right back up.

And then the pluses don’t add up.

And as my mind screams


I shut my brain

forget whats what.


One thought on “Pause It If

  1. Totally hear you on this one. I was just talking to a friend about forcing positivity. I tend to try to push myself out of the darkness and turn on every light I can in my life. While this can be an empowering thing to do, any of the lights turned on tend are artificial – they burn out fast and soon I’m back in the dark.

    That does not mean one should give up hope and allow the darkness to consume all. Emotions rise and fall, they’re a cyclical thing. I ALWAYS know that the natural radiance of my heart will return. Same goes for all of us!

    To end this idea I have a great quote for you:

    “When everything seems to be going against me, I remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it!”



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