About Me

About me, what can I say. Lived most of my life in Canada. Life changed drastically within 2 years, and now im trying to make a living in Russia.

I’m fluent in 3 languages, Enlish, Russian and French.

English because that was what I spoke to everyone (out of school and home that is)

French since I started and finished in a French shcool. (Side-effect of moving to Montreal as my first city in Canada)

Russian at home with the fams. Was forced to read an insane amount of Russian literature and to my amazing luck, my grandmother was a Russian teacher back in the USSR so I got the pleasure of more “schooling” after school when all the other kids where going nuts enjoying their childhood. Hated it as a kid. So f*****g gratefull to my fams for putting me thru educational hell. I speak Russian at a level where the residence here can’t tell that I lived my whole life in a different country. I find that golden.

Love it here Russia. Nothing like what it seems to be from the “Canadian” perspective I got when growing up.

Its an amazing feeling to be back to a place where your roots are buried deep in the ground.

So my blog…

Decided to start writing.

I am not a writer. In fact, im so far away from being a writer that I should be considered a communication-deficient being… but here I am. Going against all odds.

You better enjoy my posts or i’ll find something else to write about.

Truly hope I don’t bore anyone to death… then again I don’t actually care but comments and critisims ARE encouraged.


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