It was meant to be…


So its been about 3 months since i’ve returned to Russia. All my paperworks good to go. I can stay here for 3 years without issue. I love it here. Even after 3 months, I feel like this is my home. I can’t say I fot in 100%….YET! But I know its just a matter of time. Yeah its hard to know your friends are on the other side of the planet. Most of my family’s back in Canada but hey, they chose to take me away from here at an age when I was too young to make my own decisions. In no way do I blame them for doing that and in fact, I think it was for the better. I got to learn 3 languages with relative ease instead of 1, I believe i’m more openminded, but who knows… I could just be lying to myself…

I was born in Ukraine, my parents born in Russia but moved to Ukraine for work. Situation back then wasn’t the same to what it is now. Technically I was born in the USSR and my parents dipped out when it was about to fall apart. 25 years later the countries in turmoil. Gotta say, that was a good call on their part.

Still a iffy subject to talk about. Whos right and whos not in Ukraine. All things aside, their current “democratically elected president”  isn’t a good choice to run that country. But thats just my opinion, influenced alot by what my grandparents and family of our close friends who also live in Ukraine. Propaganda’s being played out on both sides but thats just the natural course of things these days. To get a glimpse of the truth, you’re forced to read from mutlple sources from both sides of the front line. Take in real time accounts and peoples reasons to act a certain way, and even then you can’t be sure what you think you know is right. That honestly scares me and what really drives me to dig as deep as I can for that glimmering piece of whats really going on.

All I hope for is the blooshed to end, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Too many hidden agendas.

Hopefully well get some more insight as time goes by.

So back to me and living in Russia. Love it here, everythings going good and i’m being pleasantly surprised every day.

What has me hooked on the most right now, is how people treat you. As a first impression, everyone seems very cold and uninterested in you and your problems. you probably won’t get many smiles walking past anyone in malls or on the streets. But the amazing thing happens when you meet someone and become “friends”. You can pretty much say you become family. The way you get treated changes drastically and you feel like that person would lose a limb for you if it came down to it. There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground and that, I find, is amazing. The help I received from someone here who was a friend of a friends brothers friend was immense. I can honsetly say I wouldn’t be in this country right now if it wasn’t for their help.

I’d like to be part of that.


In the nick of TIME!

Bureaucracy in Russia is ******!


I think I …

I think I made it …

Still hasn’t hit me yet but I have this piece of paper that says all my running and finding and discovering and doing, and redoing, and reredoing and rediscovering and finding out I’m back at ground zero and starting over the finding and discovering wasn’t gone to waste. Even though it came close to it many, many times.

And none of it would of been possible if not for Amazing luck and people made of Gold!

Bureaucracy in Russia……….. Is F****D!

To say the least. Sorry for the foul language, but there really isn’t any other way to say it.

It’s the most complex puzzle of finding the right people and places, getting the right documents and filling them out properly, which tends to differ from person to person. Won’t be going into details about the process since today, Today we celebrate!

I will give a full account of what it takes since its honestly an accomplishment and something I need to share with you readers so you get a taste of the magic.

By now you must think my view of this country has begun its downward spiral, but quite the opposite has happened.

Bureaucracy aside, I was forced to witness one of the most beautiful parts of Russian culture. Something that I didn’t expect from anyone but my closest relatives, I got from people I have never met before. The support and help I received was not only unexpected, but also necessary to a degree where my struggles would of all been useless without it.

The art of the Favor.

My next post title.

“От душы”

Literal translation: from the soul.

A saying in Russia that translates to something coming from the bottom of your heart. A saying that applies to good and bad situations. Another gem here in Russia; if someone tells you off or says some thing nice with emotion. You know it’s real, and there’s no beating around the bush, the straightforwardness is a breath of fresh air. Your never left guessing. No BS so to speak, people just don’t have time for that. Considering how short our lives really are, it’s a beautiful thing.

Ill be back very soon to update on the subjects mentioned. I will be leaving the country and my wife behind for maybe 3 months so I might not have enought time to post too much. I have less than a week left so you can maybe understand where I’m coming from.

Not to worry, I will share everything I can with you in the near future, wasn’t sure at first but I now see there’s a ton of things to talk about and the only way to experience it is to live it for yourself, or get a glimpse through written testimonials which I am now proud to be a part of.

Win some, you lose some…

It’s been two and half months since we first landed here Russia. My stress level has grown to a point I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. Past month felt like an episode of 24, stuck on the last minutes of the show, yet Jack Bauer doesn’t know that times moving at a snails pace! He’s constantly thinking the times almost up and whatever horrible thing is still about to happen, is about to happen. The sound of the ticking clock constantly beeping in my ear reminding me that times almost up. I’m no Jack, and forcing a document from Moscow is something I fear even he can’t accomplish.

Procrastination….A nasty habit I justify by telling myself I work better under stress.

Starting to think I probably haven’t experienced real stress before, whatever that may be, to know that’s it’s just not worth it.

It’s about time I kick this bad habit, just like the other ones I’ve regularly dropped in the past. I’m sure I still have a ton lined up, just waiting to show their true colors so I can show them the way out. Sadly, it seems like it’s taking too long for me to learn my lessons, no matter how much I read or I am told. I have to live it to believe it to kick it. If only I was the only one affected by the outcome of my faults, then I’d be able to live peacefully knowing that I’m the only one receiving the hits. Yet it seems like the people around me, feel the shockwaves of my mistakes, and the closer they are, the harder it hits them.

I believe theres a reason for everything that happens to us in our lives. Every aspect is a learning experience, no matter how small it might seem to us. I believe there are many reasons why my life took a turn towards Russia.

Perseverance is something I respect in the Russian clan. They hit hard and from many angles, break their way through never taking no for an answer no matter what the situation. Having the mindset that there’s always a way. But that’s just how society here forces you to be. Unless you push forward, the current throws you back. Something that in Canada isn’t very widespread from my experience. Everything is “by the book” and don’t get me wrong, its not a bad thing at all, but once you leave the walls and realized theres a whole world out there that works on different sets of rules, you need think out-side the box to make it happen.

Persevere… A much needed habit.

Think i’ll start working on new valuable habits, as I drop my bad ones…

Might just speed things up a little.