Keeping busy with BIG plans


As you may have noticed, I have had other things on my mind lately. Various projects I’ve been working on and my wordpress blog here isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

I appoligize to all you none existant audience that might be somewhat interested in what I have to say.

So my point is that, even thought I’ve had this blog set up for about 9 months now, which I can’t even believe its been that long. I’m not ready to let it go, in fact, i’d like to keep it alive forever since really, it’s my first step into many things. My first website published for the world to see, my first blog ever, my first ever writing that I ever decided to do in a none educational atmosphere, the first place I shared more thoughts and actions than with any other person (other than my wife) and a couple more firsts I can’t think of right now.

This blog was a gateway into the internet that has had actual views, comments and I really appreciate and cherish that. I can’t possibly let this place go just because I’ve started something that has grown much faster and with a different end goal.

I’ve been working on HealthGainCenter.Com for the past 2 and half weeks and i’ve been hitting it hard. I’ve invested in my own domain and I spend everyday looking for ways to make it better, something I have not done here on My Thought Pattern.

What I might of forgotten is that this place is actually suppose to be MY THOUGHT PATTERN! So I do feel obliged to share it with you.

I created since its something I became pationate about, and something I figured I would have no problem writing about since its constantly on my mind. Its also a place where I can share my struggles with gaining weight and at the same time, help out those people who can relate. I plan to grow this website to encompass alot of different aspects of health, and I don’t think I’ll ever be short on ideas with something so valuable to our life.

If you have a minute, I urge you to come take a look and even drop a comment or suggest on the website to let me know if you agree or if I should improve something.

Just today I did a big overhaul of the appearance of the website, hopefully its for the best.

I will be dropping more updates as I go onto you guys.

Thank you!


Keeping your health a Priority.

Health Gain Center

Your health should always be a piority. Not to a point where you stop everything because its unhealthy, but more of make sure your healthy habits are woven into your daily life so its a way of living instead of just a chore.

There is a website that is looking to make you the best possible you can be during your life. Life isn’t eternal, at leats not our physical body, so I suggest you bring it to a peak since its one of those things we have full control of.

If you are having trouble with your health, eating right, gain or losing weigth, or are just curious of how your bod works, then I suggest you check out :

Its full of intersting information and its growing day by day. It will stay a website concentrated on your health without going to far into different directions.

Their main goal is to keep you healthy.


Stay healthy!

You can follow them on twitter @healthygains

Happy Gainings!

Peaches. My favorite fruit got an update for the better.

Summers been a peach.
More precisely a Saturn peach.

Or doughnut peach.

Or a flat peach.

Whichever way you call it, I believe we can all agree the new and improved peach is great.

Different from the usual but much sweeter and I enjoyed it, much like my summer.
But like all good things, they come to an end. Not to say that something better might not come up but this period of warm weather and somewhat less responsibility is done with for the year.

My lineup for the the next 6 months include my full time job, first year economics degree, freelancer translating work, and another minor income/fun activity. I will be busy, but what I’m hoping to improve is my time managing skills. What I find I lack in is just that. What better way to learn than to put myself in that situation.
All I can say is good luck to Me!

Today is THE DAY!


Today is the day,

Today is the day I can say.


About 8 months ago, the process began. My fight to stay in Russia began, and was I ever the underdog in this situation. At times I thought they made the process impossible on purpose. It seemed like the country tried to do what it can to get me to give up the idea of getting my temporary residence. I admit some mistakes where made by me misunderstanding and failing to dig deeper for information, but thanks to some people who genuinely put their efforts into making sure everything gets done, I can finally relax (barely) but at least have that off of my shoulders and not have my wife worry about me leaving her for another 3 months. I can finally concentrate on moving forward without worrying about being stunned again.

I genuinely like this country no matter whats being said and how things are being handled. The peoples attitude mirror a very realistic and human way of being. I feel at home here.

I might not have any friends here but my wife is all I need and I’m meeting new people and slowly making connections even thought I’ve never been one to do so. It helps that I work with people now instead of with milk, in a warehouse. Milk has its percs, I enjoyed being able to get lost in my thoughts and just work throught my shift but wokring with people is more satisfying. Human to human relations force me to work on my speech and my people skills.

Forces me to put aside being shy.

One of my worst qualities.

Being shy.

I am getting better though. I can see the progress and i’m liking it. I think this blog is also in a way that I work with that even though I don’t really have to speak to anyone face to face, I still get things out. I must say, I read my posts and it looks like I have horrible structure and my thoughts spread into multiple unrelated branches.

But hey, its a learning process. I just hope it’ll also improve.

Summer of change.

This summers been very eventful and full of change. 

I find myself getting comfortable with routine since it brings stability and the possibility to plan out future endeavors with a bit more ease. But it doesn’t make me happy. Maybe because I fail to move forward quickly enought to make it count. Whatever the reason, I welcome change. The challenge to start fresh and with a different perspective brings about competitive and exhilorating emotions which I crave. 

I’ve always been a type to take risks, but now that I’m married and have to think of my partner into all my actions puts a twist on what I would normally do. By no means am I complaining since I cherish my better half but I find my thoughts need a bit of tweaking since I guess I’m still not used to this feeling after a year. 

I’m currently in an environment different from where I have been for most of my life and I truly enjoy it, but I am having trouble taking the next step. Seeing a concrete path to take in terms of career.

I’ve decided to try something new. I’m currently employed thanks to my new family who’ve helped enormously in my whole move to Russia, but to stop here and not push further would be a grave mistake I can’t let happen.

In the next couple of weeks, my goal will be to get a second job, which I can enjoy and profit from on the side.

As I write this, those emotions I crave start to build up and tells me I’m on the proper path.