Sustain yourself. before you wreck yourself!

So I will dedicate this post to money, moola, cash flo ya know.

Even though it clearly gets enough attention as it is, but I think new ideas on how to earn it are never in excess.

I’ve been looking for ways to earn money with the help of internet for a while now and decided to start an information based blog on it. Hopefully it will help anyone interested in this. Having moved recently to a new country, my search for online work intensified and I decided to share my finds with you my readers.

The site is called Cash Farm.

Heres a link:

Its only been born so I ask for some patience on your part.

Enjoy the read!


Brand new writer on the loose.

This is my very first post. I will keep it short and simple. This is my first experience writing blogs, or even writing in general, not taking into account what I had to write during school. Not only will writing about topics of interest that I mentioned in my about page, but I’ll also keep you up to date on how this project will be affecting me and my way of thinking. I just hope I don’t bore anyone to death.

Leave your comments, remarks, criticism and anything else you see fit as I can definitely use them to learn, better myself, and my writing skills.