The Difference!


So I decided to list the differences that I perceive between Canada and Russia. Mostly because I’d like to have somewhere to write them down since I often get asked what they are. Since I get asked so often, I thought it might be something of interest and worth typing up..aaand I just don’t know what to write about so thats whatchu get.

So what I noticed right away, is the absence of a lot of different wildlife that I was used to seeing everyday back in Canada. I might of taken it for granted but rabbits, squirels, deer, racoons, the occasional bear, coyotes, foxes, turkeys and i’m sure i’m missing some species but yeah, thats a lot compared to here. So far I’ve met a lot of dogs, a lot of cats and the usual birds, like robins and pigeons and the such. Last week I heard of a bear coming onto one of the neighboring towns but apparently it hasn’t happened in a really long time and everyone I asked told me it was the first time they heard about a bear coming this close to the city. My guess is that the city itself is much older than Canada in general so that might explain why everything is so scarce.

What caught my attention the most are the dogs. They definitely bring something to the city. I know there are dogs specifically trained to help those who are blind go for walks or do their groceries, but when you see an average street dog walk up to an intersection and either look BOTH ways before crossing or wait for the pedestrian light to change to green before going is just great. It looks like the dogs blend in with society and have their own thing going on. Something i’d advise the groundhogs back in Canada to learn… look both ways.


Today is THE DAY!


Today is the day,

Today is the day I can say.


About 8 months ago, the process began. My fight to stay in Russia began, and was I ever the underdog in this situation. At times I thought they made the process impossible on purpose. It seemed like the country tried to do what it can to get me to give up the idea of getting my temporary residence. I admit some mistakes where made by me misunderstanding and failing to dig deeper for information, but thanks to some people who genuinely put their efforts into making sure everything gets done, I can finally relax (barely) but at least have that off of my shoulders and not have my wife worry about me leaving her for another 3 months. I can finally concentrate on moving forward without worrying about being stunned again.

I genuinely like this country no matter whats being said and how things are being handled. The peoples attitude mirror a very realistic and human way of being. I feel at home here.

I might not have any friends here but my wife is all I need and I’m meeting new people and slowly making connections even thought I’ve never been one to do so. It helps that I work with people now instead of with milk, in a warehouse. Milk has its percs, I enjoyed being able to get lost in my thoughts and just work throught my shift but wokring with people is more satisfying. Human to human relations force me to work on my speech and my people skills.

Forces me to put aside being shy.

One of my worst qualities.

Being shy.

I am getting better though. I can see the progress and i’m liking it. I think this blog is also in a way that I work with that even though I don’t really have to speak to anyone face to face, I still get things out. I must say, I read my posts and it looks like I have horrible structure and my thoughts spread into multiple unrelated branches.

But hey, its a learning process. I just hope it’ll also improve.

Still Here!

So it’s been a while…. Months…. But I’m still here. Haven’t quit writing, just took a fairly long brake. Life’s been different. A lot has happened and most of it good. I’ve been in Russia with my wife for 2 months now and I just found out I got accepted for temporary residency. At first it felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders but with that came the realization that I am now to do everything I can to make a life here.

 I must admit……I’m a little nervous. 

To make a life in a place where I don’t really know anyone or how things really work is forcing me to think outside the box, but the more I think about it, maybe by not being from here, I can bring something new to this place. What exactly that will be, I don’t know, but I’m thinking about it day and night. 

This is now my land of opportunity!

Is my Wrong your Right?

On the plane heading to Canada from Russia. Have to say this might be the best time to write since there really isn’t anywhere I can go or anything else I can do. Everything seems bleak and it feels like sadness and depression is just around the corner. Leaving my wife for three months… Feels like its going to be a test, or just plain torture… I miss her already…

I’ve heard of people wanting to have breaks from their second half. There have been times when it would pop up in my mind after a good fight, yet when I see that now its actually happening, against my wish, every ounce of my body isn’t having it. I love my wife to death and its hard to bear the fact that I’m leaving her alone for three months. Yes she has her family, and yes she has some friends, and yes she has our cats to keep her company but I know deep down i’m the only one who can understand her and accept her the way she is, and I know its the same for me.

3 weeks ago I left to Canada for 5 days to get some documents I failed to legalize before heading there in december. Even tho I knew I was coming back, it still broke my heart to be half way around the world from her.
3 months is something I choose not to comprehend right now.
Don’t get me wrong, I am attached to my wife and I will miss her dearly, but what hurts is knowing she is going to be struggling by herself for three months. I have no pity for myself and I do what has to be done when I see a better future for my loved ones. But it isn’t easy.
Going back to my old job for some time. The pay isn’t bad since I’ve been a slave there for about 5 years of my life now. With the current economy in Russia and the difference between the Rouble and Canadian dollar, it will be a much needed boost to our budget. No matter the situation, I try to concentrate on the positive aspects. It will help us out for the next 6 months and relieve some financial burdens that seem to currently affect us. This brings me back to the fact that everything happens for a reason. There are always 2 sides or more to a situation, the trick is picking them out from behind the dark veil of BS.`

I have a bit of a moral dilemma when it comes down to situations like this. I tend to think of other peoples situations and how much more different and extreme they are compared to mine. As a result I feel like I shouldn’t be upset, but better yet relieved that this is the extent of my situation compared to lets say someone who sent their family on a boat to escape the situation in Syria, not knowing if they’ll ever make it to the shores, If someone on board will cause harm to them after you’ve spent your life savings to put them on that ship. Not knowing if the ship will get attacked by the notorious pirates who feast on the mischief of others, and if by some miracle a storm or faulty ship doesn’t become the reason for their demise, the people and or governing body where they land on rejects them or worse.
Is it wrong of me to think of situations like that to put mine into perspective. Is it wrong to pretty much make myself feel better on someone else’s misfortunes. I come across thoughts like these fairly often, and i’m not sure if its ok or not. I have arguments for both sides. I consider myself to have good morals but once again, what I consider might differ completely from what you consider, and whats to say your thoughts on it are wrong? Is it the majority that rules? Or is it the select few who go beyond the common thought who are more than right.

Some thoughts on this would be welcome.
Don’t hesitate to comment or write to me directly.

In the nick of TIME!

Bureaucracy in Russia is ******!


I think I …

I think I made it …

Still hasn’t hit me yet but I have this piece of paper that says all my running and finding and discovering and doing, and redoing, and reredoing and rediscovering and finding out I’m back at ground zero and starting over the finding and discovering wasn’t gone to waste. Even though it came close to it many, many times.

And none of it would of been possible if not for Amazing luck and people made of Gold!

Bureaucracy in Russia……….. Is F****D!

To say the least. Sorry for the foul language, but there really isn’t any other way to say it.

It’s the most complex puzzle of finding the right people and places, getting the right documents and filling them out properly, which tends to differ from person to person. Won’t be going into details about the process since today, Today we celebrate!

I will give a full account of what it takes since its honestly an accomplishment and something I need to share with you readers so you get a taste of the magic.

By now you must think my view of this country has begun its downward spiral, but quite the opposite has happened.

Bureaucracy aside, I was forced to witness one of the most beautiful parts of Russian culture. Something that I didn’t expect from anyone but my closest relatives, I got from people I have never met before. The support and help I received was not only unexpected, but also necessary to a degree where my struggles would of all been useless without it.

The art of the Favor.

My next post title.

“От душы”

Literal translation: from the soul.

A saying in Russia that translates to something coming from the bottom of your heart. A saying that applies to good and bad situations. Another gem here in Russia; if someone tells you off or says some thing nice with emotion. You know it’s real, and there’s no beating around the bush, the straightforwardness is a breath of fresh air. Your never left guessing. No BS so to speak, people just don’t have time for that. Considering how short our lives really are, it’s a beautiful thing.

Ill be back very soon to update on the subjects mentioned. I will be leaving the country and my wife behind for maybe 3 months so I might not have enought time to post too much. I have less than a week left so you can maybe understand where I’m coming from.

Not to worry, I will share everything I can with you in the near future, wasn’t sure at first but I now see there’s a ton of things to talk about and the only way to experience it is to live it for yourself, or get a glimpse through written testimonials which I am now proud to be a part of.

Win some, you lose some…

It’s been two and half months since we first landed here Russia. My stress level has grown to a point I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. Past month felt like an episode of 24, stuck on the last minutes of the show, yet Jack Bauer doesn’t know that times moving at a snails pace! He’s constantly thinking the times almost up and whatever horrible thing is still about to happen, is about to happen. The sound of the ticking clock constantly beeping in my ear reminding me that times almost up. I’m no Jack, and forcing a document from Moscow is something I fear even he can’t accomplish.

Procrastination….A nasty habit I justify by telling myself I work better under stress.

Starting to think I probably haven’t experienced real stress before, whatever that may be, to know that’s it’s just not worth it.

It’s about time I kick this bad habit, just like the other ones I’ve regularly dropped in the past. I’m sure I still have a ton lined up, just waiting to show their true colors so I can show them the way out. Sadly, it seems like it’s taking too long for me to learn my lessons, no matter how much I read or I am told. I have to live it to believe it to kick it. If only I was the only one affected by the outcome of my faults, then I’d be able to live peacefully knowing that I’m the only one receiving the hits. Yet it seems like the people around me, feel the shockwaves of my mistakes, and the closer they are, the harder it hits them.

I believe theres a reason for everything that happens to us in our lives. Every aspect is a learning experience, no matter how small it might seem to us. I believe there are many reasons why my life took a turn towards Russia.

Perseverance is something I respect in the Russian clan. They hit hard and from many angles, break their way through never taking no for an answer no matter what the situation. Having the mindset that there’s always a way. But that’s just how society here forces you to be. Unless you push forward, the current throws you back. Something that in Canada isn’t very widespread from my experience. Everything is “by the book” and don’t get me wrong, its not a bad thing at all, but once you leave the walls and realized theres a whole world out there that works on different sets of rules, you need think out-side the box to make it happen.

Persevere… A much needed habit.

Think i’ll start working on new valuable habits, as I drop my bad ones…

Might just speed things up a little.